Ologo was designed for teamwork . The definition of the company organization chart allows to establish roles and visibility on the resources. It will therefore be easy to understand who will organize the appointments and who will have to meet the customers .
The management of Business Travel Management can be summarized in 3 simple steps:
giro visite pianifica organizza


Schedule the appointments of your collaborators, alone or together with your team

The modularity of Ologo allows you to separate roles . Therefore planning and operation can be carried out by different figures. The level structure allows you to filter the visibility of the operators. So whoever makes an appointment for a certain sector will only see the agents assigned to that sector. This in addition to ensuring the separation of responsibilities reduces errors in the planning phase. The visibility of the operators will be proportional to the level increase.
Typically the managers of the area will have visibility on the agents of the same area, while the operators of the same level will only see the information assigned.
The company staff is configurable and there are no limits on levels (see the roles and areas section).


Visit customers by comfortably following the directions on the map

The Ologo mobile app, available on all platforms, allows operators to see the day's appointments and easily reach their assigned destinations. Through the maps the operators will be guided on the shortest routes based on the indicated vehicle and traffic conditions.
At any time it will be possible to interact with the office and receive additional information with respect to those already assigned in the planning phase.
The operators have the possibility to change the status of each appointment in order to inform the office in real time on the progress of the work and on the outcome of each visit.
giro visite visita i clienti
giro visite condividi i risultati


Keep track of the work done and share the results of the visits with your team

Through the app it is possible to set the status of visits in order to keep track of the result. Through web interface it is also possible to write notes in a collaborative way . Each operator of the team will have visibility on the notes according to the permissions received. So, for example, the area manager will be able to see the notes of all the operators in the same area. It is also possible to configure a tab to make the work more organic .

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